Friday, September 22, 2017

something that happened in the late 90s, when fans of bands started getting together and talking on the internet, was the phenomena of the unauthorized remix. schemes were hatched all over the internet to create remix records, tribute discs, fan collaborations and whatnot. in hindsight, given what the internet turned into, it was actually a refreshingly productive use of networking.

different artists have reacted in different ways. i got yelled at by the now deceased singer of god lives underwater for one of these. trent reznor, on the other hand, eventually went so far as to set up a competition (which i didn't take part in, as i'd moved beyond the idea by that point).

once i'd put a few remixes/recreations together, and received more positive feedback doing it than with any of my own songs, i began to realize that if i could get somebody's attention then i could construct myself a launching pad. it seems like that's what a lot of people were thinking; it didn't work out, but i did end up with a number of remixes.

unfortunately, i've lost a lot of them. about a third of them ended up on a cd-r i threw together at the end of 1999. a third just sat on my hard drive, and a third disappeared into the internet. i'm putting them all together here under the title of the 1999 release, 'inrimake'. the initial release ended after "the day inri messed the world up"; the last four songs are 'bonus tracks'. i've further split off the first two tracks to a standalone ep (, partially because they never fit here properly and partially because it pares the augmented version down to under 80 minutes.

now, i should point out that i was very much going for the *abstract* remix sound rather than the club-friendly mix. you can't really dance to these. you're not supposed to. you're supposed to blare them through headphones and trip out into them.

in terms of my own work, this record very much extends a bridge from the inri period into the deny everything period, to the extent that it arguably realizes the goals of both phases better than either phase does.

this record may be released physically, one day, should the proper legal issues be resolved. right now, i'm only making it available as an almost-free download.

recorded sporadically, and without cohesive intent, over '98 and '99. originally compiled in the fall of '99. augmented and minimally altered in january, 2014. lp006. as always, please use headphones - but note that they are especially mandatory for this recording.

this release will also eventually include a comprehensive package of journal entries from all phases of production (1998, 1999, 2013, 2014, 2017).


released October 15, 1999

j - guitars, effects, bass, synths, drum programming, digital wave editing, cool edit synthesis, sampling, sequencers, loops, text-to-speech synthesis, remixes, reconstructions, reinterpretations 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

there's no affidavit on file. what that means is that there is no legal evidence that they require me to move out of this unit - the form is incomplete, and the case will be dismissed.

they could still provide an affidavit. they have until the trial date.

there's two explanations for this, that i can see:

1) incompetence. and, they've demonstrated more than enough of this to consider it plausible...except that they now have counsel, and this would be pretty pathetic if it's incompetence by the counsel. regardless, it could still be coming, and i'll need to call back every day and check to see about it.

2) they never intended this to go to trial - it was a tactic to try and scare me out. in other words, there's no affidavit because there's no family member to move in - it was a bluff, and i've called it.

i need to call every single day. i need to prepare a defence. but, as it stands, they don't have an actual case to present and i'm consequently not under a serious threat of eviction.

so, should i re-open the harassment case? this is my smoking gun, clear as day: an eviction notice without an affidavit is clear and obvious harassment.

1) except for the eviction notice, they've been leaving me alone for the last few weeks.
2) i don't want to present the appearance of lingering conflict - and i can be genuine in avoiding it. the bigger threat is the judge declaring the relationship dysfunctional.
3) i'll be in an even stronger position if i wait it out, as i'll be officially victimized twice and taken advantage of after acting in good faith, the third time. the fourth time will need to be bringing them to justice.

this is counter-intuitive. it's true that they didn't sign the mediation in good faith, but i did. and, so long as they aren't presenting a serious case, i'm better off letting this play out, as it just strengthens my hand.

if this blows over, great - although i'd suspect the judge will award me something as she dismisses the case. i still think they're listing the building soon, in which case i should lay low and wait. and, if they do something stupid, i'll have an easy case, given that i've been so accommodating.

this could change. i'll need to call daily. but, right now, i should wait.

bluff called. i think i'm ok...
except to split out the last track as a single, i've decided not to alter this in any way.

i was moving, conceptually, to more serious styles of music. i wanted to write these epic 20-minute trips that reached into every genre imaginable. you can hear that shift over the last few things i posted, and it really accelerates moving into the year 2000. there wasn't much left of 'inri' by the time i got there.

what i had left was a bunch of noise tracks that i'd been putting aside for a third demo, trinri, that was meant to carry on with the same concept as the first two: "songs" and "collages" would alternate over 19 tracks. the problem i ran up against with trinri was that i was no longer interested in writing songs. what was coming out, instead, were these fifteen minute journeys. that's ultimately the driving reason that i switched things up: the format had worn itself thin.

in an attempt to establish conceptual unity, i pulled the noise collages together (along with some older collages that i had pulled from various sources as far back as my first demo tape) into this thing. i became aware at some point, very suddenly, that the whole idea and product was sort of ridiculous. hence the title.

this recording is consequently void of actual songs. it isn't easy to listen to, and offers few reprieves, but if you're a fan of a specific kind of electronic psychedelia then you may find something of enjoyment here.

written and demoed in multiple stages from 1996-1999. initially constructed in this form in dec, 1999. slightly resequenced in jan, 2014. finalized on sept 19, 2017. this is my third official record; as always, please use headphones.

the last track just got tagged on as an afterthought. it never really fit the theme. so, i've removed it (as of january, 2014) and placed it here:

this release also includes a printable jewel case insert and will also eventually include a comprehensive package of journal entries from all phases of production (1999, 2013, 2014, 2017).


released December 10, 1999

j - guitar, effects, bass, keyboards, tapes, synthesizers, live drums, drum programming, hammerhead (909 emulator), sound raider, sampling, cool edit synthesis/sequencing, loops, digital effects processing, digital wave editing, flute 
i meant to get inri033 printed off on tuesday night, and my first package mailed wednesday morning, but my printer wasn't reading on tuesday night (it turned out my services got turned off, somehow), so i put it down to have a few beers at a local noise show - only to not get home until 7:30. shit happens.

the thing is printed and ready to go. so, that's inr011 & inri033 shipping in the first package, within hours. the next will have what will be something like inri049 and inri057 in it - so i have a lot of liner notes to get through.

i skipped over 31 and 32 just to get the first package out. 32 is download only and will be a quick fix; 31 is going to apparently require a few days to approach. after that, it will just be liner notes for the next 20 or so releases; i'm over the hump, and into material i spent 2014 & 2015 on. it's daylight...

i'm going to have to mail that form this morning, too, as well as figure out how i track down the affidavit in the file.

i should get 32 done, but likely won't be back at 31 until i wake up next.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

so, i slept the day yesterday and didn't want to, but so be it. i think i'm up, now. i need to take a shower and get back to inri031.

there was no response on the email to the paralegal, so i guess i need to prepare to take this to court. i intend to win both of these battles - and because we now have concrete evidence of the landlord's intent of trying to evict me, there isn't a potential solution - this is a final battle, that will either end with me homeless or with them bankrupt. any belief i had that these people may act rationally is now gone - they are clearly out to harm me, and have been from the start. this is well documented, and should be easy to show.

they have the burden of proof to demonstrate they need this apartment, and they're not going to meet it because it isn't true. it's also going to get messy, as i'm going to need to do research into who this person is, and potentially either catch an old woman in a lie in a court of law or force them to turn on their own daughter. they can't expect to win the case without a cross-examination, as that is an admission of bullshit - and i'll push for an extension and a subpoena, if necessary.

when i reopen the harassment case, the new claim will be for $4680 and i will not allow them the opportunity to apply for good faith, in the future. they have squandered that privilege. all future actions will be met with immediate legal retaliation. it has to be this way, for my own protection. and, the end point has to be for them to sell the property - which i believe they are doing, anyways.

i gave them plenty of opportunities to avoid this, and all i've received in return is furthering levels of harassment. i'm patient, but things have to change; they've thrown away their last chances, and will now need to be brought to justice - which means having their privilege to hold property taken away from them, and a restitution to the victim of their behaviours.

welcome to canada.

now, as for the vlogs, i'm going to have to put them on pause for the remainder of the legal proceedings. they're still coming, but they won't be being published. we'll have to see what happens, but i'll probably increase the lag by whatever is necessary. that will kick in on oct 1 / july 1st.

the plan for this week is to finish inri031-inri033, then get to the post office and then get on the phone with the tenant board about the affidavit, and then get back to the music for a few more weeks. this doesn't happen until next month, so i have plenty of time to prepare the case and win.

Friday, September 15, 2017

so, i did get my court order in today, and i'm kind of flabbergasted that they would do this, as it's the smoking gun i needed for my harassment suit.

it's really the absolutely dumbest thing they could do, in context.

see, i sued them a few weeks ago for harassing me with the intent to remove me from the apartment. i gave them another chance (to fuck up). the day i gave them another chance, they put through an obviously false eviction notice to remove me from the apartment - thereby giving me the clear evidence i need to reopen the harassment suit. any lingering doubts about the veracity of my claims are now ameliorated - they actually filed the notice, proving my point.

worse is that they have to actually take it trial, because if they don't then they're clearly admitting the harassment. if i show up and walk into a grovelling paralegal, pleading with me to avoid a trial, he's going to have himself on the legal record demonstrating the initial claim. this all seems to have gone entirely over their head, right. in order to get out of this, they have to actually succeed in evicting me - otherwise it's obvious harassment. but, that was the point of the whole thing - this isn't supposed to go to trial, it's just supposed to scare me out of the place. so, they've walked right into a self-imposed trap: if they don't go to trial, it's harassment; if they do go to trial, and they lose, it's harassment.

so, can they win?

in order to win their case, they're going to have to demonstrate the following:

1) they need the unit. "i can save money" is not a need. "i want to" is not a need. this is a difficult burden. one usually puts their kids in there. they're claiming it's a parent, but that would probably mean it's the upstairs tenant's ex-wife (i can look into this), which is laughable.
2) this process is in good faith. but, they just signed a mediation order in bad faith moments before they signed the eviction notice. these people are pathological liars, and i can demonstrate it.

on top of that, they're going to have to get around the following realities, which are definitely not in their favour:

1) they have been repeatedly threatening to evict me for months.
2) there is a negative history at hand.
3) they appear to be selling the building.
4) this unit has problems with insects and with air quality. who wants to move mom into a cockroach infested basement full of sewer gas and cigarette smoke?

it would be hard to imagine a more obviously bullshit case. if i can't win this case, there isn't a case on the topic to be won. so, i expect the paralegal to do everything he can to avoid it. this is a dumb gamble, but it's his clients that no doubt put him up to it.

the hearing is on the 19th. i wouldn't expect an answer until the beginning of november. so, i should be here until december 1st at the earliest....

....but i do expect to win. and, i expect to win the dove-tailed harassment case as well, which i'm hoping gets scheduled after the ruling on the first, so i can use it to demonstrate the point. if not, i may have to refile :\. that's going to cost them a fortune...we're at eight months rent, now, and counting.

what should they have done?

given that they're obviously selling, they should have just waited it out. i gave them a chance to let it blow over, and they blew it.

but, i'll point something out: they have not been harassing me since. or, at least, not since the first day. my hope that legal counsel would straighten them out is working a little bit, at least. we'll see how long it lasts.

i'll also give them another way out: if i show up on the 19th, and they admit that the whole thing is bullshit, i'll drop everything. in fact, i'm going to send them the offer.

that's going to be their last chance. and, it's not by my choosing - they've run out of options.
i want to provide a little idea of what it was like.

i knew i had to stop, so i opened up notepad and tried to type up some notes. i had determined that the mp3 version and the 2014 mix were somehow phase reversed, and i'm trying to type it out.





18990/1999...19....wait...oh...2001...wait...2014. ok.

first sicteon was


gowt swivtion


like, the letters weren't even close.

when i realized what was happening, i slowed down and tried to enunciate, but, even so, i couldn't remember where the letters were on the keyboard. i sat and stared, looking for the 'f'. the 's'. it just wasn't coming...

they weren't obvious typos. it was really all over the place.

the first time this happened, back in 2016, it manifested itself in a difficulty speaking. i wasn't nearly as fucked up this time, although the headache was a lot worse. but the typing was....

....well, you know i'm a sucker for the surreal. if my head wasn't so brutal, i might have even had some fun with it.

i'm realizing that this was a classic hemiplegic. i didn't get an aura this time; i did in 2016. what i got this time was the arm tingling. it was very much mimicking a stroke...

the temperature is coming up this weekend, so i should get the windows open, and i know that will help a lot. but, it means i need to venture out to clean up the cat shit, first. i'm hoping it's not too bad.
i stopped around 1:00 to take a nap.

i was back up around 3:00. but, it triggered a nasty migraine, including arm tingling and aphasia. i couldn't find words. and, i couldn't operate the keyboard. i had to go back to sleep...

that itself was bizarre. i think we're all so used to just typing nowadays without thinking about it; i was stuck in a scenario where i had to stare at the keyboard and look for individual letters. even so, i couldn't find them - or i picked the wrong ones. scary shit.

was it a stroke? well, it hit my right arm, sure. but, i've been through this before, and i know i'm prone to migraines. further, my mom has told me that she get migraines like this, too.

what are the triggers?

- when i don't sleep
- when i don't eat
- when i don't get enough water
- when i don't get fresh air

there is somebody dealing with a "fire system" in the back. he's been there for two days. it's quite odd. the air quality in the back might be a factor.

i got enough sleep. i'm going to eat and drink and go from there.

my head is still throbbing, as of right now.

it's not looking like i'm going to ship today, and if my head doesn't resolve itself, i'm not going out tonight, either.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

no. i'm going to have to a/b it.

i can get through inri031 first, though.

i badly wanted to remix this track in 2014, but i couldn't figure out how to do it in cool edit. i may have better luck in cubase.

it's going to come up with a few alternate mixes, as well - which could push the aleph discs forward.

i think i can still ship tomorrow. this is my fault, and i immediately owned it - but i hope he's patient. well, i'm doing what i can.

i need to eat, and get back to this fresh. i have a plan, anyways.
this is the botched version.

and, it was the version of hummer - reburned it because it was left unfinished.

and, in fact, i'm starting to think i tossed the disc away because it was scratched. memories are strange things.

in fact, i did work this in 2014, but i've forgotten exactly what i did. i know it led to me cutting out the synth intro as 'missed connection'. i'm going to check my journal, that's what it's there for....
so, i'm remembering something, and it's going to need some careful reconstruction.

when i went over the tracks from inri032 - including inri031 - in 2014 (we've pushed ahead to the next year, now), i hadn't set my system up for cubase yet, so i wasn't able to line anything up for a proper a/b. now that i've done so, i'm noticing that the mp3 has a significant difference in sound texture.

this isn't a degradation issue. it's a different mix.

and, this triggered a thought in my mind: i did, in fact, burn this disc twice - and it was, in truth, partly due to quality. i vaguely recall the issue having something to do with dithering. that is, i accidentally dithered and it sounded awful and i had to reburn. and, i carried these two discs around with me for a long time.

i can't find the other disc. i've looked through everything.

to complicate the issue, i remember that the second burn completed one of the tracks - i think it was the nin mix.

i vaguely recall giving away the other disc. now, i'm concerned i gave away the wrong one.

i should be able to figure this out. and, there's an upside to this - i don't have waves or source material for this, but i at least have decent quality mp3s.

i'm going to have to go through inri032 first and figure out which disc i have. did i even rip this disc, or did i rip the other? you'd think i'd have ripped both if i had both. grargh.

i'm thinking the one i wanted to have should have said MASTER in red. and it doesn't - it says demo.

it's a minor concern, in the end - it will just mean i'll have to replace some files. but, i need to figure it out. and, i'm kind of surprised i had forgotten about this, at the time.

Shipping and return policies for jessica murray

Shipping Info
single: $5
ep: $7
lp: $10
double ep (split digital/physical): $10
double ep (both physical): $14
double lp: $20
compilation discs: $10/hr (official releases) + free out-takes
period discs: $10/hr (all sound on disc)

releases are categorized conceptually, rather than by length.
there are 70 minute eps and 65 minute records.

compilation formats (dvd, bd) will be priced at $10/hour of music.
so, a 7.5 hour dvd flac disc will be priced at $75.
i've been unable to derive a flat pricing that makes sense.

types of compilation discs will be:
- dvd flac "box sets" of all singles around an lp. may include free out-takes.
- dvd/bd mp3/flac compilation discs are a running chronological total with no overlap. no extras on these discs.

note that flac is higher quality than mp3.
therefore, mp3 discs contain more music.
pricing is relative to length, only.
be sure to purchase what you WANT.

period discs will be as comprehensive as i can make them, meaning they will include all sound, all notes and all vlogs relevant to the period in question. the pricing will also be absolute. so, if the disc contains 35 hours of official releases, 20 hours of outtakes and 15 hours of vlogs, it will come up to $700. these discs are meant to be thought of as donations to the artist, not as economical market purchases. they will need to ship 20 years after the period closes, to sync properly with the alter-reality.

$5 - can
$10 - us/intl

shipping rates are flat to the max, meaning i may gain slightly but i won't lose on shipping. it's otherwise about $3 to make a package. 20% of the sale price goes to transaction fees. this is as cheap as it can be while still being worthwhile to produce. if you buy a very large package (five cds or more), shipping will come down substantially and i'll contact you to talk about ways to make it more fair.

for right now, all discs will have planned limited edition, numbered handmade runs and will be made on demand up to 5000 copies sold, at which point they will be professionally pressed without numbers.

if you want me to send you something twice, you'd better be able to prove it got lost. there will be very few exceptions. sorry.
it's funny how i can turn myself off and on like that.

i told myself i'd need to sleep before i could address inri031. and, i did - for 11 hours.

that's the other side of it, the crash. but, i've been all crash, lately.

these discs are going to be closed soon, and that's a step forwards. but, it doesn't change the fundamental need to organize all of this writing - and all of these videos. in the end, it just means that i'll have that much more organizing to do.

but, i've at least broken the recursion. and, combined with all of the uncertainty around my living arrangements, it may make sense to focus solely on the discography for the next several months.

i am currently waiting for the court date around what i believe to be a frivolous eviction order. the reality is that i will not have much of any options at all, should it go through. i'm going to end up living in a one-room apartment for a while, or perhaps putting my belongings in storage and living on the street. it could be years before i'm able to rebuild the space.

if i end up homeless, i may choose to stay that way; i may sell my belongings out of storage and end up living on coffee and books in the local library.

the order should be here by now. their legal counsel seemed to deny it ever happened. and, i have strong reason to believe that they're selling the building, in which case i should lay low and wait it out.

everything will change should the notice end up in my box. and, i will need to call on monday to figure out if the office received it.

but, it wouldn't make sense to build custom shelves for the apartment - for example - only to get evicted. nor would it make sense to spend the rest of the money my grandmother gave me, because i may need it for last month's rent and moving costs.

i can't afford to move around all of the time. but, there isn't a long term solution on the market for me, right now. i'd have to find a bachelor apartment - or storage - and just cram everything in and sit and wait until something better comes up.

first of all, i don't think they put the court order through. second of all, i think i'd win the case - which would re-open the previous harassment case. in the end, i'm still here and they owe me a lot of money. third, i really do think that the building is being sold, which was the gamble that everything i've been doing always rooted itself in - all i had to do was wait them out.

for right now, my immediate focus needs to be on finalizing what i was able to complete over the last four years. and, i will no doubt look back on this large order as a kind of necessary and welcome refocus.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

this little sample collage went a long way over the the end, it needed a home of it's own.

the initial collage, from september 1997, is actually the first computer music experiment that i have. years of addiction to 'civilization 2' had me imagining soundscapes during events, and they began to arrange themselves in my mind, in patterns. if you were even alive in 1997, you might want to think back to the realities of technology: i had a dial-up internet connection, trivial access to software and little idea of what i was even looking for. when i finally did find a shareware copy of cool edit '96, i realized what i was looking for. at this time, what i had available to me was what windows came with, and what windows came with was the windows 95 sound recorder.

it would be harder to find this executable nowadays than you might think, unless you have a windows 95 cd (or perhaps a set of windows 95 floppy disks). it was clearly not designed for sound art, but it did have a crude copy and paste operation. really, it had some potential, it just lacked a tactile gui.

i'd like to pretend that the poor syncopation is some kind of artistic statement, but the truth is that it is a consequence of the interface. you could tell the program to loop or to slow or speed down samples, but you had to make a good guess as to where to paste it in - often with the aid of some napkin math. what i was able to get out of the program is perhaps wholly idiosyncratic, but i would not recommend it at all. not even in the conscientiously goofy retro sense.

really. don't do this. i plead of you...

once the background collage was completed, i initially intended to turn the track into a goofy electro-swing thing, with punk rock guitars, but i found the out from the computer to be noisy and the in from the 4-track to lack dynamics. so, sending the track to tape created too much noise and trying to record in over cool edit seemed to suck the life out of the guitars. i would later realize that this was gear specific: i was using a stock soundblaster from c. 1995 and a stock floor digital effects processor that needed to be warmed up by the tape. a version with vocals was recorded in january of 1998, but it was discarded in favour of the pure collage, which i decided worked well enough on it's own, in a quirky, yet subversive, kind of way. when i burned my first demo cd in june of 1998, i used the strict sample collage (shaped slightly for continuity).

i was assigned an electronic music project in the winter semester of 1999 and intended to use this track, as it narrates the absurdity of a war situation (and even kind of sounds like the 30s). however, i couldn't hand in the first part of the collage because it was lifted directly out of the sample. in the initial context it didn't matter - it was entirely atmospheric, purely conceptual - but it was imperative that it be removed in the academic context and be replaced with something i could assign myself writing credits to. so, i took an isolated experiment with score writing off of the first demo and fused the tracks together, creating a fully original hybrid written/sample piece. this was done twice due to reasons that i don't fully remember, but partly to remove the glitchy cricket sounds in the background; in the end, the second version did not have the sample overlays that the first did, which are only available in the 'early warning' version.

the track was remastered in 2013, along with the rest of the early material, but it didn't work out for any of it, in the end. at the end of 2014, i was able to recreate the originally intended version (with punk rock guitars) by taking advantage of a much newer soundcard, as well as noise reduction and digital mastering software. it was this version that was used in the reconstruction of my first record in january of 2016, but i again had to modify the lead-in; this time, i created an ambient sample collage to rise from the ashes of what i had to destroy.

meanwhile, the initial sound card experiment had also been dramatically updated by the newer technology. the lead track was created on oct 26, 2016 to simply explore the idea of what merging the two completed components together would sound like. in the end, it seemed necessary to release this, in order to be comprehensive.

the track is really more about mental journeys undertaken during long overnights of civ 2 than it is about anything explicitly anti-war, although the ideas intersect and the latter certainly evolved from the former. this is really actually a little bit of a window into what is going on in my own mind, as i'm conquering alien land masses at 3:30 on a wednesday morning.

this track was initially created in the fall of 1997 as an experiment using the windows 95 sound recorder. it was further expanded upon several times over 1998, resulting in several different mixes. a failed rescue was attempted in 2013, while a more successful rescue was carried out on a reclaimed full band version in late 2014. the track was further reconstructed and remastered for inri015 in january of 2016; the lead track was created on oct 26, 2016 out of material that had been remastered over 2013-2016. the ep was created on oct 26, 2016 but not released (and finalized) until sept 13, 2017, in order to properly fit into sequence. as always, please use headphones.

this release also includes a printable jewel case insert and will also eventually include a comprehensive package of journal entries from all phases of production (1997, 1998, 1999, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017).


released July 1, 1999

j - guitars, effects, bass, orchestral sequencing, windows 95 sound recorder, digital wave editing, sampling, production

the rendered electronic orchestra includes piano, electric guitar, orchestra hit, pizzicato strings, violin, viola, cello, contrabass and synth pad.
i'm manic, right now. it's overdue, actually.

i haven't slept more than a few hours at a time in something like four days, and i've barely eaten - to the point where i must stop to eat, or face the consequences.

inri030 is in the write-up phase. i was hoping to get it done before eating, but that's not feasible. inri031 is going to require an inspection after lunch, but probably just needs the write-up. inri032 is download only. and, inri033 is what i need to ship, hopefully tomorrow.

there will be another aleph disc around inri033, which is my third official lp; it's going to be kind of the period 1.3 disc, really. and, i'm expecting my first mp3 disc to close after that, as well - that's the first 35 releases in 320 kbps, for roughly $350.

my first release in the new millenium is inri036, but i won't be shipping another release until 2001, so i'll have a lot more writing in front of me before package #2 goes out.
purchasing this release does not come with a download.

inri015: written and demoed in multiple stages from 1994-1998. initially constructed in this form in june, 1998. a failed rescue was attempted in 2013. reconstructed and resequenced jan 6-10, 2016 from parts that were rebuilt over 2013-2016. audio permanently closed on aug 10, 2016. finalized on oct 10, 2016. lp001.

inri016: created in the summer of 1998. released as a standalone ep on nov 16, 2013. audio permanently closed on oct 12, 2016. release finalized on oct 27, 2016.

inri017: initially written over the course of 1997. recreated and expanded over the course of 1998. lead track first sequenced in this form in feb, 1999. further remixes generated over the course of 1999. a failed rescue was attempted in 2013, and another in late 2015. remastered in november, 2016 from various sources, 1997-2015. finalized on nov 17, 2016.

inri018: initially written in 1997. recreated and reconceptualized in late 1998. salvaged somewhat at the end of 1999. remastered in 2013. compiled on nov 13, 2016. finalized on nov 19, 2016. final album version added as a bonus track and refinalized on dec 15, 2016.

inri019: written and demoed from 1996-1999. initially constructed in this form in january, 1999. a failed rescue was attempted in 2013. compiled on nov 13, 2016. sequenced on nov 22-24, 2016 from parts that were rebuilt over 2013-2016. audio permanently closed on nov 24, 2016. release finalized on nov 27, 2016. symph002.

inri020: initially written in 1993. first full recording in 1996. recreated in dec, 1997 and again in jan, 1999. a failed rescue was attempted in 2013. reclaimed on july 2, 2015. remixed on july 15, 2015. reconceptualized & remixed repeatedly over november & december, 2016. finalized on dec 13, 2016.

inri021: written and demoed in multiple stages from 1993-1999. initially constructed in this form in feb, 1999. a failed rescue was attempted in 2013. reconstructed and resequenced over november and december, 2016 from parts that were rebuilt over 2013-2016. finalized on dec 15, 2016. lp002.

inri022: recorded over 1998. compiled and remastered in late 2013. corrected to normalize for stereo in september, 2014. expanded incrementally between dec, 2014 and dec, 2016. merged with inricycled b and then finalized on december 16, 2016.

inri023: constructed over 1998. compiled and remastered in late 2013. the first two tracks were corrected to stereo in sept, 2014. the last two tracks were added for re-release as a remix lp in dec, 2016. lp003.

inri024: initially written and recorded between 1996-1999 and remixed over the summer of 2015, with a lengthy pause due to malfunctioning electronics. final compilation date is jan 3, 2016. finalized dec 17, 2016. lp004.

inri025: this idea was developed in parallel to the inriclaimed project over the summer of 2015 and first compiled on nov 27, 2016. finalized on dec 17, 2016. lp005.

inri026: initially written in the fall of 1997. recorded in the winter of 1999. remixed in late 2013 and again in early 2014. this track was separated from my second record in january, 2016 but the single was not completed until it was remixed one last time in sept, 2017.

inri027: streamed to disk in one take on the afternoon of march 9, 1999. ripped back to wav format from cd-r in late 2013. released as a one track single on nov 21, 2013. release finalized on sept 12, 2017.

inri028: constructed over a few days in april, 1999. ripped back to wav format from cd-r in late 2013. released as a one track single on nov 21, 2013. release finalized on sept 12, 2017.

inri029: recorded over 1997-1999. constructed in this form in june, 1999. published in november, 2013. aborted early version added as a hidden track on sept 13, 2017; release consequently finalized. symph003.

originally created from 1996-1999. this compilation is dated to june 30, 1999. slowly remastered, reconstituted, compiled, reconstructed, released and finalized from 2013-2017. compilation finalized on sept 13, 2017. as always, please use headphones.


released June 30, 1999

j - guitars, effects, bass, bass synth, pick scrapes, synthesizers, piano, flute, drum kit, drum programming, orchestral & other sequencing, sampling, vocal relics, mic noises, vocoders, octavers, cool edit synthesis, windows 95 sound recorder, found sounds, paper, strategies, soundraider, hammerhead (909 emulator), sound design, noise generators, noise reduction, light-wave synthesis, metronome, loops, a broken tape deck, tapes, digital effects processing, digital wave editing, vocals, chance, production

the various rendered electronic orchestras include piano, organ, electric guitar, orchestra hit, pizzicato strings, synth pads, violin, viola, cello, contrabass, electric bass, sitar, tubular bells, tinkle bells, synthesizer effects and flute. 

this was my grade 12 final project in electronic music design. the assignment was something along the lines of creating a piece of music with a social message.

the message is part dystopian, but focuses more on the idea of identifying certain threats that would become a problem in the upcoming century. remember that this was the middle of 1999. how close was i?

1) intro
2) war
3) noise pollution, or pollution in general
4) conformity (or the collapse of individualism)*
5) chemical warfare
6) global warming
7) outro

* i was thinking in terms of personality/uniqueness, rather than something political. and i think the extreme conformity underlying gen y social attitudes have played this out frighteningly well, actually. it's a reaction to the radical mindset of anti-conformity that dominated gen x, but it's still a very real thing that will have very real ramifications in the upcoming decades. if you thought the 50s were creepy, wait until you see what these kids grow up into!

i should have included something about inequality. i also removed a vegan track, partly due to time restraints. besides that, i think i got all of the broad ideas right.

the piece is made to be played in an indefinitely repeated loop.

most of the tracks are slightly remixed/resequenced versions of tracks from inri or inriched. track 5 is brand new, and recorded on the school's synthesizer (part of the project requirements).

recorded over 1997-1999. constructed in this form in june, 1999. published in november, 2013. aborted early version added as a hidden track on sept 13, 2017; release consequently finalized. this is my third symphony; as always, please use headphones.

this release also includes a printable jewel case insert and will also eventually include a comprehensive package of journal entries from all phases of production (1999, 2013, 2017).


released June 20, 1999

j - synthesizers, sequencers, effects, guitar, bass, piano, drum programming, noise generators, metronome, a broken tape deck, sampling, loops, cool edit synthesis, windows 95 sound recorder, sound design, digital wave editing, production

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

i can't date this exactly. i know it was the first half of the second semester of grade 12, which was spring of 1999. further, i'm taking it forward to about midway because the first part of the course was about voice-leading and i spent it orchestrating the beatles' something. i don't have any files.

i was lucky: i went to a high school with a big music department. not an arts school, mind you. just a school that had enough funding to run a wide array of course options that are outside the basic core topics. there were three main assignments in the course, and while i don't remember the exact assignment questions, i do have two pieces to show for it.

this, here, is a conceptual piece about pop music. all of the sounds are created from pop cans. yes, puns are fun. the samples run from pouring water out of pop cans into the sink, to crushing and smashing pop cans, to opening them, to exploding them, etc.

i used the tab of a pop can as a pick as i played the ambient guitar parts. it's all thrown together, processed, warped and perfected in a wave editor.

constructed over a few days in april, 1999. ripped back to wav format from cd-r in late 2013. released as a one track single on nov 21, 2013. release finalized on sept 12, 2017. as always, please use headphones.

this track appears unmodified on my third record:

this release also includes a printable jewel case insert and will also eventually include a comprehensive package of journal entries from all phases of production (1999, 2013, 2017).


released April 15, 1999

j - guitars, effects, samples, loops, digital wave editing 
somebody asked me to do this for them for a school project in the second half of grade 12, which was early 1999. we're both italian. silly joke, no offense intended.

i never saw the final version, but the guy described it to me. it was an anti drinking and driving ad (think madd) for a marketing class. they sequenced it up with shots of one of them stumbling towards a car, getting in and driving off. very clownish, apparently.

i didn't spend a lot of time on this, so i didn't charge them for it or anything. i think i was more hoping that it would float around a little, but if it did i'm not aware of it.

streamed to disk in one take on the afternoon of march 9, 1999. ripped back to wav format from cd-r in late 2013. released as a one track single on nov 21, 2013. release finalized on sept 12, 2017. as always, please use headphones.

this track appears in slightly modified form on my third record:

this release also includes a printable jewel case insert and will also eventually include a comprehensive package of journal entries from all phases of production (1999, 2013, 2017).


released March 9, 1999

j - hammerhead (909 emulator), digital wave editing

so, i went through a string of extremely cold basements in the late 90s....

it was half heating costs; on that level, i could even agree for environmental reasons. but it was half because my step-mother legitimately prefers absolutely frigid, air-conditioner-level temperatures and didn't want hot air rising from the basement to ruin the chilly temperature upstairs. you can understand how that might get frustrating sometimes.

i was offered a room upstairs, but then i'd have to go to bed at 10:00 pm rather than stay up until 4:00 am recording music and chatting on the internet. clearly an unacceptable proposal....

the song is more than a silly story, it was legitimately a sort of morbid fantasy i was having. there wasn't any real chance that i was going to light the basement on fire, or anything; if i were to do that, i might ruin my guitar, and then i'd be worse off. the story runs a little off the rails, but that is it's charm.

this track was initially constructed as the last track for inclusion on my second record, inriched (inri021), and sequenced as the penultimate track (as the viewless/suicide sequence had already been decided upon as the ending track). the track was finished on the evening of the 5th; i finished the cover art on the evening of the 6th. so, it was completed to fill the record, sort of thing - although i don't want to call it filler, because i've never created anything for that reason. it remained in that position, as the 14th track, from february, 1999 until jan, 2016 when it was split off for the technical reason that i wasn't able to remove the vocals because i didn't retain source material.

however, i've always viewed the track as transitional; i realized, even at the time, that i was starting something new rather than ending something, with this. in hindsight, the wandering electro-prog in the track is certainly more in the spirit of what would follow. further, it is actually fitting that the track was removed due to a lack of source material, as that defines what i created over 1999 (which i'm retroactively labelling period 1.3).

as the track was still on inriched through 2013, it was remastered along with the rest of the record. a version was also produced for the deleted inricycled b compilation, which included some extra mastering and the removal of the opening sample. these versions were both mastered to fit into their respective sequences; while they're both improvements, neither really captured the essence of the track as it's own thing. so, a final standalone mix was constructed in sept, 2017 to permanently close the ep.

initially written in the fall of 1997. recorded in the winter of 1999. remixed in late 2013 and again in early 2014. this track was separated from my second record in january, 2016 but the single was not completed until it was remixed one last time in sept, 2017. as always, please use headphones.

this release also includes a printable jewel case insert and will also eventually include a comprehensive package of journal entries from all phases of production (1999, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017).


released February 5, 1999

j - guitars, effects, bass, sequencing, drum programming, synths, vocals, loops, samples, digital wave editing 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

yesterday was a weird day; i was up fairly early, and got to work around noon, but i blew the entire day trying to reconstruct the mix from the day before, only to conclude the difference file was reverb from random sampling...

i dunno, though. i tried a few things, and it all ended up inconclusive. i think there's an underlying issue. i went to sleep in the evening with the intent of checking the output file when i woke up. i mean, the point of verifying the out was to tweak - if i didn't need to tweak, i wouldn't need to verify anything.

i've been distracted by the hurricane and other things this morning, but i'm actually content with the mix. so, i'm going to close the ep. 

i should get through at least two more by the end of the night, and hope i can ship the first package on monday at some point...

Friday, September 8, 2017

it seems like i'll be in bed early tonight, and that's ok. well, i've been awake since 3:00 this morning...and it's a quiet night in detroit. there's this ancient tradition happening tomorrow, and i'm not sure i'm keen about it, given the weather. i've been drinking enough this summer; i need to get some work done. widowspeak, on tuesday, is more likely. and, i'm not going to miss goldie on saturday.

i had a dog named goldie. of course she was a retriever.

i managed to get my printer back online this afternoon, so i've printed the first disc in this order: it is ready to ship. but, i'm going to ship them two at a time out of courtesy, to keep costs down. he's going to get a free order at the end of it, due to overpaying for shipping. i have an obligation to be economical, then. order one is potentially on monday, but it depends on how much i get finished.

i also finished a potential mix of this track. after controlling for interference, and using good headphones, the cool edit salvage of this was better than i thought. but, i have more sophisticated tools in cubase and i've used them to positive effect.

i'll have to do some listening when i wake up. it's tentative, but probable. watch out for the bottom end - that is very crunchy bass.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

10 years. that's the waiting time for subsidized housing.

needless to say, i'll have to figure something else out.

for right now, i'm staying in this weekend; it's too cold to go out. so, i'm going to do a little cleaning, take a shower and get ready to do some real discography work.
i made it to the office late in the morning, but it's closed on wednesdays. oops.

at least the forms are printed and ready. i'll need to get them there in the morning.

i spent the rest of the afternoon doing grocery shopping for the month, as i didn't do it around the first. i'll need to pick up some fruit in a few days, but it should otherwise be a very cheap month, grocery-wise. that is good...

i was up around midnight and am getting back to inri026 just about right now.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

so, i am back to work on this today, and i was hoping i could just get a quick finish for inri26, but i have to remaster the thing, it's not an acceptable sound quality to drop in after doing all of that work on the other tracks from the period.

i have a problem, though: i have virtually no source material for this. what i have is a midi file. i don't have guitar parts, i don't have drum loops...there's nothing...

...which means i can't remove the vocals, either. but, it's not the biggest liability. this will end up on the second vocal comp, but it's no longer an album track, and precisely for that reason: i can't get the vocals out.

when i get through remixing it, i'm going to have a new version along with two failed remasters (one from inricycled b and one from the first inriched, and they both sound awful), a cd rip and the original mp3 from 1999. i'm not going to include all of these tracks on the single, i'll probably just include the mp3 version; it will probably be two tracks.

the weather is still crappy, but i have to get out and do some things this morning. i'll get back to this in the early afternoon. it could be a long day.

after that, i don't think much else is going to require actual production. but, i'm going to listen, too, and see.

inri027 & inri028 are also one track singles, due to the nature of what they are. inri029 cannot be modified due to what it is, which is a conceptual ep - but i'm going to add an alternate version to it as d/l only. inri030 is an ep single from the first disc and is done but needs finalization. that's going to be a little something else.

inri031 should require a little attention....that's the one that does...

inri032 is the covers disc and really can't be touched, and neither can inri033, which is the third official record and the point i need to finish up to before i can ship this guy his first package.

i will at least get ink today. and, if i can finish inri026 before i sleep, i should be able to get through the next chunk pretty quickly.

but, everything else aside, i need to get the subsidized housing bit in today. i can put everything else off except that.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

the weather's kind of crappy today...

...and i think i have a new poop-throwing suspect: it's the husband. he mowed the lawn yesterday and seemed to stop to place objects. i thought he was stealing the citrus release again, but it's still there. the space was clear yesterday, but i picked up 7 clumps this morning after smelling it last night - distributed in a way that seemed designed for maximum annoyance.

it's kind of outrageously obvious - like the eviction notice is.

but, the situation is fundamentally different, now. i don't have the urge to sue that i did, previously; the reason is that i know there's no solution. the reality is that they're brazenly and maliciously harassing me, like the retarded white trash that they are. they're not going to stop if i win the case, so why bother? i'm better off just ignoring it until they sell the building.

...except that it looks like they're going through with the false eviction, so i have to counter-sue.

if i can get them to drop the nonsense around that, i'm really just going to withdraw. i mean, i'll keep taking notes and stuff - it could, in the end, be necessary for a master case. but the way you deal with spoiled children is that you stop feeding into it and then wait until they tire themselves out...

i don't want to test the rain, so i'm staying in. things will need to happen tomorrow. i could very well start posting either tonight or tomorrow, depending on how long it takes me to work out the kinks and get back on track.
so, it's tuesday morning and i'm picking back up where i let off on friday night.

friday was a bit of an adventure, whereas saturday was a bit more of a normal overnight. i've recently picked up the habit of drinking too much caffeine when i get in and not substantively sleeping when i get home on sunday until monday morning; i slept all day monday.

before i left on friday, i noticed the paralegal had sent me back an email pretending that he didn't know anything about the eviction process. right.

the purpose of the harassment case was not an extractive process, but a vehicle to come up with a way to correct destructive behaviour and end the ongoing pattern of harassment. a settlement is not a solution, but a punishment (the restitution in the case is meaningful, but abstract). what i wanted was a solution, and not a punishment. unfortunately, i felt the need to introduce the court to arrive at aold the pa solution, as the property owners were entirely non-cooperative.

the introduction of a paralegal was unexpected (i did not know he would be there until i got there), but it presented a possibility to arrive at a solution without resorting to punishment. that is to say that it's much closer to what i wanted out of the process; what i wanted was a solution, and not a punishment. so, i took that approach.

but, it's now absolutely clear that nobody ever intended to arrive at a solution. so, we need to revisit the court process.

i told the paralegal that he's full of shit, but suggested he can prevent he and his client from a making a fool of themselves by indicating to me that the second part of the form would not be filled. i did not receive a response, so i am planning on mailing on wednesday.

this morning, i need to get to the subsidized housing space and drop off that form, get some printer ink, do some grocery shopping and in the end pick up the forms needed to reopen the case. i'll then get everything mailed tomorrow morning...

Friday, September 1, 2017

i would like to wait until the eviction process plays itself out before i re-open the file for harassment. that would let me forget about it and do something else for a while. but, i can't actually do that.

as mentioned, i do not think that the paralegal expects the process to go to court: i think he thinks it's leverage to force me out. they'll offer me a few months at mediation, and expect me to take it. it won't matter that it's a fake notice, because it won't go to court. and, if i sue them after, it'll be for the two months they offered me, anyways.

i'll tell you right now that i won't bother mediating an obviously fabricated eviction charge, i'll just get right to ripping it apart in court.

if i can do so effectively, i'll have smoking gun evidence that they were harassing me for the purpose of eviction - which is technically what i sued them for. if i can't, i'll wait until the listing comes up and file for a false eviction notice.

i want the eviction process to go through first, and i want to win the case. but, i need to have the mediation settlement broken before that happens, in case i need to refile after they relist from a distance.

the ideal would be to just wait it out and launch a single, comprehensive process. but, it's not prudent. i need to immediately indicate that the mediation was signed in poor faith.
i did get a disc burned this morning, but i didn't have any ink to print the cover art and i just wasn't awake enough to get to the store to buy some.

i will probably get some ink on sunday. but, it seems like i'm going to have a busy day on monday, in getting all the forms out to the right places and the right items in the right envelopes.

i should be able to ship two packages at a time, as well. it makes more sense to wait until inridiculous is done, anyways.

i know it's somebody's parent.

i know one of them lives upstairs and the other one lives "on oulette", which is at least as close to a hospital, and probably a lot nicer.

this family is wealthy; it's inherited wealth. this is kind of the family reject house - it's the disabled son (it may even be brain damage from a stroke or something, i really don't know), and his retarded daughter (she's more obviously asd, and i suspect likely adhd). they're put away here, kind of thing - taken care of, but out of people's hair.

if i can figure out where this person lives, i can no doubt make an argument for absurdity.

....because i'm sure that mom's place is much nicer. not a little bit sure, either. absolutely certain.
i'm looking through the addresses to include in the subsidized rent form, and it really seems like almost every building in town is offering subsidized rent.

i'm kind of skeptical that the waiting list is going to be too long.

ok. it's true. if i can get a two bedroom apartment on the third or fourth floor with a solid air intake, i'll take it as an improvement. i guess i'm a little older, and there's a few things i'm more picky about.

it's not that i don't like basements - i love basements - it's that i don't like air conditioners, and living in the basement means you're stuck with all of the air conditioners on top of you. if i can get up a little, i can reverse the effect.

being up a few floors also means you can open the window without having to worry about smokers at ground level, or cars i suppose, which is more important to me now than it was a few years ago.

it takes losing access to fresh air to realize how valuable it really is. it's something you take for granted, until it's gone.

i'd also like to be a little closer to the downtown core so i have easier access to the tunnel and i'm not missing the bus every time i go to detroit. i'm a concrete jungle type - i don't have much attachment to green spaces. they just end up full of cat shit. i like sidewalks and parking lots. sorry.

i still don't want to uproot. non-smokers really need to start standing their ground and not falling into these  strange narratives around "smokers rights", which is just another way to label a license to pollute. but, i'm realizing that i have better options than i thought.

it's a backup plan. and, i'm glad it's there.
the liners notes to this one are already written.

i need to at least get it out in the morning, along with the subsidized rent application and a request to re-open the harassment proceedings.

if i end up going the subsidized housing option, i can always continue the case from a new location.

i was hoping for inridiculous, as well, but i guess it'll have to wait another day or two. i don't think i have to do anything in between, it's just a question of writing a lot of notes and getting the numbers right.

there is nothing on the market that would be acceptable to me at this point; anything comparable to this unit is considerably outside of my price range. it just stresses the importance of standing my ground in the face of persistent harassment, and letting the system come to a correct conclusion in the face of fraudulent reports.

the sad reality surrounding the whole thing is that they won't be able to rent this unit to anybody in the long term. the basement is full of cockroaches. the odours are terrible: cigarettes in the hallways, sewer gas in the back space and pollution from the windows most of the year. when you can get some fresh air, you have to deal with nuisance cats shitting everywhere and neighbours chain smoking in their driveway. you can imagine the kind of undesirable that this wouldn't bother: maybe a 45 year old single male that chain smokes, lives on welfare and is drunk most of the time.

i was told the previous tenant had to end their tenancy because they were sent to jail.

there's essentially no insulation in the back wall. so you have to deal with the air conditioner upstairs in the summer and the basement draft in the winter. if they succeed in converting the unit to gas and the tenancy to paid utilities, paying rent here will mean you're heating the entire basement, and most of the upstairs - because he doesn't turn his heat on unless it's -20. so, the basement tenant is essentially going to be paying heating costs for the entire building.

the tenant they're looking to attract is consequently going to be a low-income chain smoker that doesn't mind living in filth and is willing to overpay for utilities for no apparent reason i can see. i hear he rides a unicorn to church.

i am the best they will get. at least the old guy realized that. i guess he had a little experience with the previous tenants down here, and what a unit like it is able to attract.

i am going to take a precautionary step, though: i am going to apply for subsidized housing. and, i am going to claim that i am in an abusive situation, because i am.

i should have been put in subsidized housing years ago. i mean, i'm on permanent disability, it's what the program is for. i applied for it in ottawa, but i wasn't able to stay with my grandmother long enough to wait it out and had to leave the city, instead. they eventually approved me, but i was already here, and it didn't make the slightest bit of sense to go back.

i've been here long enough now that i can apply, here. i don't know how long it will take...

...but it's really the only way out of this that i can put a positive spin on: i could conceivably get a comparable space, and actually end up with a reduced price. and, good luck to them getting somebody else in here.

but, i'm going to stand my ground. i'm going to make them prove the case. because i presume that they can't. and, everything aside, i don't want to leave.

i just hate moving. if i could snap my fingers, i'd take myself up to a third or fourth floor apartment with windows that open to fresher air and walls that keep the neighbours' a/c out. but, getting from a to b isn't worth it. i'd rather stay here and hold my ground.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

i need to state again that i do not intend to leave windsor until i complete my discography because i will not be able to afford the space required to hold my gear much of anywhere else. i could have been done by now, but i've wasted much of the last two years on nonsense. if i leave for waterloo, which is my most likely next destination, i will probably sell my gear before i go.

the idea of moving to waterloo is to shift from an artistic purpose to an academic (mathematical) one. i could very well end up living in the library for a while. but, i was not expecting to end up in waterloo until i hit my mid-40s or early 50s. i'll likely be in windsor for another 10-15 years before i move on.

i intend to eventually end up in the northern end of the province, in my twilight years.

i will not end up back in ottawa, unless it is homeless and penniless and in the short term, before i move away again. i simply cannot afford to live in the city.
so, i woke up to an eviction order - signed hours after the mediation process - that i needed to leave so that a parent could move in.

which one? the obese man's ex-wife?

does she like cockroaches?

they can do this in ontario. sort of. they have to demonstrate a need to put the parent there, which is probably going to be difficult. they can't just decide that they're going to stick mom in there for a year for the fun of it, they have to have a good reason. and, it has to be true, in the first place.

they have the burden of proof to demonstrate it, and they can expect a rigorous cross-examination.

frankly, even if they do have a parent to move in, and they need to, it's going to be hard for them to convince a judge that they just forgot to tell me that in mediation and that this has nothing to do with the last several months of harassment. so, we have bad faith on two levels:

1) the mediation agreement was arrived at in bad faith, and is consequently void.
2) the eviction order was provided in bad faith, and will fail. in fact, i think it's toothless: it's an intimidation tactic. i don't expect it to actually go to court. it's just supposed to scare me into moving.

i was hoping to push this forward into september. but, they broke the agreement in less than 24 hours.

again: was i fool to put it off? the answer is no: this would have happened anyways. putting the file on hold did not lead to a fake eviction notice, they would have done it anyways. but, it does allow me to put the harassment proceedings - and the fake eviction notice will be a part of them - into a single case, which both makes me seem less interested in conflict (which is true.) and less interested in financial gain (which is also true.). in the long run, it just strengthens my argument that there is a pattern of consistent harassment.

if anybody is capitalizing, it is the paralegal, who appears to be more interested in taking advantage of clueless property owners than building his own reputation. and, if i made an error it was in hoping for good faith from a lawyer. the ideal outcome remains in helping these people better understand what the law says; unfortunately, this guy seems like he wants to just take advantage of them.

i am going to have to spend some time in the next few days looking at moving options, as a backup plan, but that will not void any of the legal proceedings - including the inevitable filing of a false eviction claim, which i can theoretically file after moving. if that ends up happening, it will pay for the process. i don't expect my options to be very good (to avoid moving backwards, i will need to find a two bedroom all-inclusive apartment for less than $700/month - and, remember, i am legally incapable of working), but i have to explore them.

if i were to move out, and i saw that they relisted the apartment, re-opening the file under that premise would be a very strong argument: months of harassment culminating in a fake eviction notice would indeed land me a sum. and, if i'm moving out, i'll take it.

i need to do some cleaning tonight, and then get a few things mailed in the morning. i'll take a look at this over the next few days, with the aim to mail some things on monday.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

if they want this to end, it's really simple: all they have to do is leave me alone.
i actually put this truth in the court documents: even if i were to walk out of the court room with the full settlement (which has now inched up to 4679.46), we'd still have to find a mediation process, afterwards, or i'm just going to take them to court every month.

i even offered to give some of it to charity. it's really not the point.

that number can keep growing. the bigger it gets, the larger a fraction of it gets, too. it can eventually get to a point where i shouldn't expect to see it, even if i win it. but, that's fine, because it's not the actual answer to anything.

the preferred answer was an epiphany. i was hoping i could help. sure, it's still possible. right now, the right answer is a legal mentor to get them to follow common sense legal principles - to tell them when they're fucking up and tell them not to.

that is infinitely more valuable to me than an unending court battle that i keep winning.
they fucked up within hours: i have two more examples of harassment, just this evening.

but, things are different, now: i have a paralegal that has at least taken a couple of courses to run it through, and he has to tell his clients whether or not these things are worth doing.

they are minor concerns, in isolation: removing an air freshener from my window sill, changing the speed of the fan that i won by court order so that it's barely working. neither of these actions cost me anything. more importantly, refraining from these actions doesn't cost the landlord anything - but carrying them out could cost her a whole lot.

any decent paralegal should look at the situation and say the following,

"well, jessica is correct: you cannot be vandalizing her window sill, as it is an extension of her living space. anything on the sill is her property. removing an item from the window sill is the same thing as removing an item from her apartment. and, she won the court order on the fan, too, so you should basically never touch it, for any reason. if these situations were one-offs, this would be a waste of time. but, they are part of a pattern of harassment that could land you in a lot of trouble. this isn't worth fighting, and this isn't worth doing. you should sign the paper - and you should leave the fan alone, and leave items on her window sill alone, too."

that is dramatically more productive from my perspective than getting into a stupid shouting match and dragging the thing to a judge.

but, i don't expect this to evaporate tomorrow. it's going to be the paralegal's responsibility for the near future to get these people to start acting like grown-ups. it could take a long time. but, in the long run, if the behaviour is slowly corrected, the issue is resolved.

otherwise, we go back to court within weeks - and i'll do it, because it's the pattern that matters, not the precise issue.
i gave them another chance... fuck up.

well, it's kind of true.

what i did was put the case on hold in order to deal with a paralegal. it's easy enough to scoff at me: i gave them a chance to get a lawyer involved? am i daft? or just imbued with gentlemanly concepts of fair play? but, it's actually better in the long run.

see, i'm far better off giving them as many chances as i can, like a tiger playing with a kill, than i am in trying to devour them multiple times. i'm going to get annoying if i take this to a judge every few weeks, and i want to avoid seeming aggressive: i am, after all, suing for harassment. i'm the victim, here. it needs to be unambiguous. i'm more likely to get a big settlement if it's at the end of incredible patience than i am if it looks like i'm coming back for seconds and thirds like a greedy glutton.

beyond tactical considerations, i'm actually genuine: what i want is for the shenanigans to end at no cost to me. it is perhaps true that the root cause of the problem is that they're all so legally clueless. perhaps a good deal of this would not have happened if they had sought proper legal advice. so, there is some reason to think that putting a lawyer between us could have a seriously positive effect.

also, i'm intuitive enough to realize that what this paralegal really wanted was to avoid the court date out of fear of being beaten by an amateur. the truth is that i actually intimidated him. he's not going to shape up in the course of weeks or months, but he may give the case less formlessness, and actually make it easier to sue as a consequence.

i actually hope that this is the end of it; they gave me back the $50 filing fee, but left me on the hook for the other $40 i spent on paper and mailing costs. i'd be surprised if it is; i should be able to add those costs on to the next date.

if i refile i can add all of the things that have happened since july 20th as further examples - at no extra cost - and increase the fine to six or potentially seven months at a better probability of winning and potentially with better evidence.

i'm sleepy. but i'll be getting to better and more productive things when i wake up.
so, i went to make a smoothie this afternoon, in the thunderstorm, and came back to a laptop with a dead processor.

this is the same laptop that was previously having electrical problems. and, i noticed that it was seizing up a little bit, this afternoon - so it didn't come totally out of nowhere.

once again, though, this laptop fails in co-ordination with my living room desktop, which went into the loop for the first time since replacing the hard drive. i don't know what that loop actually is, but i've designed the system around the need to reinstall to get rid of it. it may actually be a network virus. what's extra curious is the correlation: i seem to be getting periodic attacks by some kind of intelligence network that take everything down at the same time.

i vlog! i blog! i give you information for free!

oh, and my phone came in the other day, but don't expect me to actually use it any time soon :P. not now, with all these priorities...and, certainly not the way anybody expects. at least it's there though, right? have fun with it.

and, no, i'm not blaming the russians. i understand that the russians actually have extremely limited cyberwarfare capabilities, and are simply not technologically advanced enough to do much of anything they're currently being accused of. if i was attacked by a rogue intelligence gathering service, it was almost certainly by the good old cia. i don't think i'm very interesting to the chinese or the israelis, which are the only other serious operations running.

the storm is a good cover, right? hey - explain why everything all comes down at once, then.

nonetheless, occam's razor is to ignore the sputtering this morning and just blame it on the storm. did i get a surge? well, the power didn't actually go out, although i do think that i had a close lightning strike. but, nothing else in here got fried, and this laptop was actually on one of the better protected circuits. it doesn't quite add up; i'm not convinced.

given that i had all of the windows open, i actually think it may be more likely that the static electricity in the air got to it and shut it off as it was running hot. that would be terrible luck, basically. i've tried some dry boots and it's not working; i get the caps lock single flash, and it just shuts down. so, i'm going to have to let it sit and drain itself for a week or two. if i can fix it easily, it will be by unplugging it for a while.

for now, i swapped the drive out and am back on the backup laptop, as i was over the course of may and june. i hope it doesn't take as long to come back...

...but, even if it comes back sooner, i'm thinking i'll stick on this machine as a short term access point and go ahead and install the new drive in the other machine, which is what i was planning on doing shortly, anyways. that's what i'm going to be doing for editing in the long run.

if it doesn't come back, should i buy a new processor? i'm not confident about disassembling it. so, i might buy a new stripped down laptop (not necessarily the same model), actually, and just put the new components in it. i mean, i just bought a new hard drive and 8 gb of new ram or this: it should be running a fast sshd with 8 gb of ram. the optical drive works. if i can just get a barebones board/screen/case combo for $50 and then upgrade it with my new components, it will justify the existing investment and really be a helluva calculator. i've already spent around $200 on it, so i'm not just going to discard it - i'll find a way to reintegrate this component, one way or another.

but, am i getting fed up with it? sure. i'll give it a week or two to come back and then move on.

so, i'm probably on this machine for a good while. i haven't taken it up to 4 gb of ram yet but will soon. and, that should make it more than sufficient as an access point until i get around to reconstructing the studio.

that was a messy weekend. i found myself on a pcp buzz (i need to stop just smoking and/or eating whatever random thing anybody gives me - this was laced pot, i've been through it repeatedly and know it when i get it, it was a specific trip. i even know who i smoked it from, as i could taste it. it's a burnt taste, like hashish, but more intense) after actress, and stuck outside the bar until 5:00 am. again: i wasn't actually drunk. i didn't pass out, and i didn't vomit. i was just inoperable due to the high. in fact, i could have walked somewhere, and no doubt would have if i didn't have my bike, but i decided against bicycling until the buzz passed. safety first. well, i would have just sat outside the diner, anyways, right? i could sit outside the bar and smoke or sit outside the diner and smoke, what's the difference? as before, it took a while longer than i expected, but i caught the early bus, in the end.

saturday was even weirder, as i didn't get over until 00:30 and found myself at a party that ended at 9:30. i managed to get a lunch hour pizza on the way home, and then took until midnight on sunday to finish eating it. i again think i smoked something that kept me awake. this is the primary argument for legalization: you just really actually don't honestly know what the fuck you're smoking. you really don't. i know i was awake for 36 hours before i feel asleep.

...and that i then slept all day monday, and most of the day tuesday.

i now need to be in court in nine and a half hours, and it will be fine. i've got the information i need compiled and put together. i just need to figure out what i'm printing and what i'm not printing, and plan the rest of the morning around getting there on time.

i've decided that i'm going to wait until i get a ruling before i file a third case. this really isn't a lot of fun, after all. but, the point of this is to get them to stop, not to bankrupt them. if i put them in too difficult a situation, it could actually make it harder to sell the building. and, if i win the case, it could give me the leverage i need to make it stop.

i mean, to be clear: i plan on filing. 5 attempted evictions without cause requires a response. it's just that i'm going to want to do one thing at a time, so i'll give them a chance to respond, first.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

yeah. i just took a refresher look through the posts here since december. i think this is what happened:

1) i stopped in late december to rebuild this page from notes existing in word documents going back to 2013. this put both the alter-reality and the closing process on hold. there was good logic to having a consolidated file with all data in it, for the aleph-discs - it may have been time consuming and might have left me backed up, but it would make sense in the long run.

2) this was a slow and grueling process that wasn't quite done yet by mid-february. i decided to augment the process by including show reviews in the music archives and building a show review archive that i'd had shelved for years. this ended up quite time consuming, as well. but, it did make good sense, so long as it could eventually get done.

3) at the end of march, i was forced to sue my landlord, sending me into a spiral of distraction that has included broken laptops and apartment rebuilds. and the process has yet to resolve itself.

my second court date is wednesday morning and i'm going to have to sue them at least a third time. but, i think they're selling the property in december (or that's what i overheard). i don't know what they're doing with the old guy on top of me. retirement home? letting him move in? or are they just dumping him off? because he has no source of income besides myself, basically; if they sell completely, he can't pay rent. but, if they're gone then....the whole point of this is to wait him/them out, as i would not expect them to hold the property once he dies. that might be on the horizon. but, this process is far from over.

i'm also still vlogging and did not make good use of my time last week, so i'm in need of working out thumbnails and watching vlogs.

i haven't looked ahead for september concerts.

but, what the large order means (combined with how far behind i am in the alter-reality, now) is that i should really be starting the process i started last december from scratch, with all updated data that i have. and, this needs to be a full consolidation over all sources, to ensure that the period discs are truly comprehensive.

what that means is that i have the following priorities:

1) court stuff, including launching the third court date. listen: they tried to evict me five times this month, all without cause. that's an absurd level of harassment, and they can't be allowed to get away with it.
2) close inri026-inri070.
3) catch up on the alter-reality over 1997, including writing some reviews for a couple of shows over 1997.
4) when i am done, i can reconsolidate the documentation over sources (blogspot/facebook/bandcamp ---> word doc ---> html in period discs) and rebuild the concert review archive, as it comes up. i suppose that that implies large holes between 1997 and 2010, but that's ok.

something else will be true when that's done: i'll be able to walk into my rebuilt studio and finally start recording material that was written for period 3.

and, i'll need to carry on with vlogging stuff, too, in between.

i actually had a really fun summer, and i guess you can check the vlogs for that. but, that's the plan for the fall. let's hope it goes through without complication.
i got a large order on saturday night (11 physical cds), so i'm going to need to flip things around.

august has been a real wash. i've spent a lot of time drinking and a lot of time sleeping but not much time doing anything of any worth. i think this order is going to pull me out of the doldrums, so it's probably a good thing.

it means those shelves are not going to get built for another month, probably. they should be built already, i just couldn't catch up on the vlogging - i kept falling asleep. well, i was procrastinating, really, and then falling asleep when i sat down to work at the end of the night. the general apartment project will need to be halted until i catch up. and, this is going to push me right through, until 2003.

that's going to throw everything out of sequence, which, for right now, means i'm going to put the diary part of the aleph-projects on hold. i should have liner notes for inri000-inri002 up by now. if somebody buys them, i'll prioritize it.

in fact, if i'm getting back into the sequence, i could end up getting back to the alter-reality, too.

i guess this is real-life - things skewed across the apartment, court battles in process and anarchy in production. i don't exactly want to celebrate late capitalism, but perhaps i'm deluding myself in thinking i can escape it.

i have nearly 50 discs to close over the next few weeks. so, i'll be posting more, here.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

i just want to post an update here...

i'm ever so further from catching up. i've lost weeks to all kinds of needless things. my laptop came back, but i had to ditch the screen. and, then my grandmother sent me a check for a new machine, which is being used to fix all the little things i need to fix in my apartment - which will probably take me until the end of the summer.

i don't like the fact that i'm wasting all of this time, obviously. but, functionally speaking, i need to plan for a return by the end of the year at the latest in order to catch back up with the alter-reality. i had to stop updating the alter-reality at the end of 1996 because the next entry was a concert review (i mother earth / moist, jan 1997). and, further, i had to make sure everything was in line for the period disc, which is why i was recreating the history in this music vlog. so, i have to finish the concert reviews before i can back to the reconstruction. but, i'll also have to read my notes to get a clearer understanding of exactly what i was doing. that said, there really wasn't a lot to go over in 1997 besides reliving the past.

i was grounded until march, 1997. i then finished my second demo in junish. i moved shortly. and had no recording capacities until christmas, when i got the 4-track. inrisampled was created over the fall, but it is such a minor entry...

the point is that i can recreate this pretty quickly and that living it in real time isn't very important to the broader scheme of things. it's more important to build the period disc. and, i have to do that in sequence.

i have another court date coming up. basically, my landlord is doing things designed to coerce me to leave in retaliation for the previous battle, and she can't do that under canadian law. we don't really have a concept of property rights in ontario; instead, owning property binds you to a daunting list of responsibilities. not only does a property owner not have the ability to coerce a tenant out, but it's actually punishable under the criminal code. what i'm suing her for is rent, but what i want is a mediation process, and i might settle for nothing if i can get a decent course of action - if not, i will continue to sue her for back rent until she relents or she sells. that's what this is coming to, here. if i win this round, it's going to set off an all-out war, and i grasp that, but i'm not intending to move, either. sometimes, you just have to dig in and fight.

if i were to provide a guess on an eta as to when i can get back to posting substantive updates, i'd guess we're looking at around hallowe'en. it's not what i want, it's just life.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

i have a habit of disappearing. i won't be back for a while, still. but, i'm at least in the process of rebuilding. i'll be filling in some holes over march, april and may as i go.

so, what happened?

well, i guess i got stuck trying to catch up with the concert reviews over february, and it just turned into a black hole. my head is fine - or at least as good as it's going to get. no headaches since the aspirin. i don't know...

as it is, i haven't touched the concert section since the end of march because i got sucked into a fight with my landlord that cost me the entirety of april through the process of editing. i haven't been doing anything except partying and editing since the first week of april.

i also broke my primary laptop at the beginning of may, but i might be able to fix it.

right now, i'm just trying to put together a series of loose ends, and then get back to the recursion. at some point soon, i'll be be back to the concert reviews, and then back to rebuilding. and, i'll have to remind myself where i was, when i stopped to rebuild.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

the following reviews now have pictures:  (hey rosetta, ottawa) (braids, ottawa) (nils frahm, ottawa) (a perfect circle / electronic picnic, ottawa) (valleys/suuns/ps i love you, ottawa) (sheezer, ottawa)

there will be more after 2012, as i kind of made it a habit to take shots before i went out, and still do.
i finally got up until the end of 2011 comprehensively finished before i slept, yesterday.

i can't remember when i last updated this here, but i've uploaded a lot of videos here:

...and i've updated this list quite a bit, too:

i'm hoping i can get most of 2012 done today. it should be a lit faster, after that.

Friday, March 3, 2017

you ever had a headache for a month, solid?

the relief is the sweetest thing you can imagine, and while i'm aware that i'm under threat of relapse, i seem to at the least have developed a repeatably demonstrable solution to the problem.

so, did the aspirin fix the headache, or did the concussion just go away? i can't know. but, i think i'm going to be a little less apprehensive about taking aspirin going forwards, and a little less tied to some kind of hardcore notion of just toughing it out. i think i have reasons to periodically use it as a blood thinner...

or, maybe it was the blood work.